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"Dear God..."

Letters to our Creator

Dear God...



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February 19th, 2009

 Pray with me...


In Jesus Name

January 18th, 2009

(no subject)



I cant do it myself so can you call me home?

I dont want to be part of this world any more.  Suicide may ba wrong but can I ask you to call me home?

I am ready to be called


January 11th, 2009

Dear God,

You know the situation that I'm in and the end thats not too far away now.  I don't know quite what else I am meant to be doing?  My prayer is simply to be shown somewhere that I may find a job.  I've been for 5 interviews in the last 2 weeks, yet no offers.  I only have money up to then end of this month and then I am up against the wall.  No money for rent, no money for food.

This is getting very close to being more than I can bear.  It's the stress of everything that is getting to me.  Stuck at home, looking at these 4 walls, only going out to go down to the mail box or to go to a job interview.  Everything around me I stand to loose.  I am not overly attached to physical posessions but the few that I have, I really would like to keep.

My prayer is this;
I am completely at your mercy.  What is it that I am missing?  I am listening as best as I know how and I believe that if there is something that I needed to hear, you would fid a way to speak to me, but I do not seem to be hearing it.  Please guide me to a job that will bring in some money and keep me from sinking.  I believe that you are merciful and will not place more upon me than I can carry, but I am so close to the limit right now.  I beg of you, please help me to get out of this.

I am applying for jobs, going for interviews and trying my hardest.  You are what I need to make the difference.

Please save me


January 3rd, 2009

Can I?

I read a bit of the Bible today... about Adam and Eve.... you are so amazing.

Adam and Eve sin..... so they have to udergo the consequences..... You put them of Eden ... life becomes harder.... and that close communion with you is broken......

were you sad?

but then comes the amazing thing.... you made them clothes of skin

that is so awesome. Even as sinners you had compassion and cared for them.... you didn't have a hissy fit (c:

I feel so raw I feel naked... can I ask you to clothe me?


December 12th, 2008

Dear God,

Father, you see all and know all.  I guess that means that you know what I'm going to write here even beore I write it.  I've said this prayer often enough over the last few weeks so I think even I am getting a little used to it by now.

The meaning is still the same though.  As Christmas approaches, a time when I so badly long to celebrate the birsth of Chrsit, I can't help but feel the dread of knowing that I still dont have a job. 

I have made the decision that I will still buy people presents from my savings this year.  After all, the three wise men didn't turn up and say 'Sorry peeps, between jobs at the moment, no offerings'  And ultimately I want to give to the people that mean so much.

The truth is though, time is running short for me to find a job and the money is slowly running out.  Please Lord, direct me on a path that will pay my bills.  I do not believe I have ever been greedy in what I have sought to earn.  All I have ever wanted is to pay the bills and have enough left over for a bottle of wine on a sunday night.  Truth is though, I would take any job right now.  Lord, I am listening, please direct me.

As I have learned many times before when I have prayed for something that I did not deserve or was not right, I don not want what is not mine to have - I want your will.  I believe that you will not place more on me than I can bear but it is getting very close.

Please accept this prayer in Jesus name,



December 8th, 2008

(no subject)

Dear God;

Thank you for keeping an eye out for Jessica and I last night. I know it could have been much much worse and maybe this is some sort of wake-up call for the both of us. Make us appreciate life a little more. If something would have happened to her, I don't know what I would have done. So thank you.

November 14th, 2008

(no subject)

Dear God,

I never lost my way, because I never had one. And I don't seem to be able to find my track, either.
I'm sorry, but I have no energy left to be strong, to keep my eyes shut and fists clenched. I started to have breakdowns every day, and loneliness has never felt so unbearable, so horrible and physically painful. There must be a reason for so much pain. No one deserves to be as lonely as I am, and I'm asking you: why? What have I done?

Thank you,

November 9th, 2008

(no subject)

fuck it.
Dear God; please let everything with my sister & my niece being born go well today! <3

November 6th, 2008

(no subject)

Jeremy/Richard Icon
Dear God,
Just a note to say thanks for everything. Sometimes I forget to be grateful for all I have, but I am so blessed. Thanks again! -Nat :)

November 2nd, 2008

dear God

Dear God,
Tomorrow will be a strange feat
im sure Rachel and I are going to be hurt
i will pray every second of the day
please be with us
even if we arnt with you
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