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"Dear God..."



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 Dear God,
Thank you for life.  For the breath I breath. For my lungs that keep filling.
Thank you for love.  For the love you have modeled so wonderfully.  For the joy you give me in your love for me.
Thank you for making me a women.  For the image of your beauty that you have given me.
Thank you for food.  For the abundance of food that others need but I have.
Thank you for grace.  For the thing that I would surely be dead without.
Thank you for justice.  For being able to know that I don't have to fight all my battles.
Thank you for your plan.  For a future that is perfectly how you want it so I don't need to worry.
Thank you for my future husband.  For picking him for me and keeping him safe.
Thank you for friends.  For constant support that I can hear and feel and see here on earth.
Thank you for joy.  For the happiness and satisfaction I find nowhere but you.
Thank you for life.  For giving it to me in the fullest.

I love you,
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